It's All About Balance

The Swing XP Power Series practice bats promote improved hitting mechanics and performance by helping batters keep their hands inside and down to maintain an ideal swing path to the ball.

Standard Baseball Bat vs.
Standard Bat with Traditional Weighted Device


Swing XP Weighted Bat


How Swing XP Bats Work

Swing XP Power Series practice bats feature a proprietary weighted knob in the handle which helps batters keep their hands inside and down to maintain an ideal swing path to the ball, thus promoting improved hitting mechanics and performance. Batters experience more ideal hand and feet positioning, greater use of their hips, legs and “core” in executing a swing, and improved “quickness” of their stroke, all while maintaining an ideal swing. These effects carry over when the batter uses their competition bat, resulting in increased swing speed and more power. Swing XP bats also feature a unique alignment tool called the Power Zone band, which allows batters to align themselves properly to the ball and plate. The X marks the sweet spot.


The Swing XP Training System

Elements of the Swing XP Training System are presented here to provide some understanding of the prescribed drills that are essential to obtaining full benefit and achieving maximum results from the use of the Power Series practice bats. First, execute the recommended number and types of swings with the Power Series bat associated with your level. Then repeat the drill with your game bat, performing the recommended number and types of swings.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Why is a Swing XP bat better for improving my swing mechanics than putting additional weight on the barrel of my bat?
A: By putting additional weight on the end of the barrel of your game bat, you cause the barrel to drop and are forced to move your hands away from your body to control the extra weight at the end of the bat. Your hands are thus pushed outside the ideal swing path and poor swing mechanics result. By contrast, Swing XP has concentrated the extra weight in the handle area, thus forcing batters to keep their hands inside and down so they maintain an ideal swing path to the ball. 

Q: Can I Use my Swing XP bat to hit balls thrown by a pitching machine or a pitcher?
A: Yes! Swing XP bats are an all-in-one training tool intended to be used in all facets of your hit training:

  • Use with tee work
  • Use against live BP pitching
  • Use in the on-deck circle for warm-up swings

The same cannot be said of a bat with a weighted device on its barrel. Swing XP bats also feature a unique alignment tool called the Power Zone band. This band wraps around the barrel where the X marks the “sweet spot,” and allows batters to properly align themselves relative to the plate and the ball on a tee.  

Q: Swing XP bats are much heavier than my game bat, so are they much harder to swing?
A: Not at all. Lab tests have shown that hitters are able to swing our bats at speeds near or equal to the speeds at which they swing their game bats. This is due to the concentration of the extra weight in the handle area which helps propel the bat barrel through the hitting zone.

Q: How do I know which Swing XP bat is the right one for me?
A: Generally, we recommend that you choose a bat equal to, or as close to, the length of your usual game bat. However, you should consult your hitting coach for advice on which bat might work best for you given your age, strength and level of skill. 

Q: I really like how much better I swing with my Swing XP bat.  Why can’t I use it in a game?
A: Swing XP bats are not certified for game play as they do not satisfy the requirements established by the various baseball organizations. But, they can (and should) be used in all of your other hit training regimen.

For a great personal insight and breakdown of our products, read Coach Michael Kuebler's blog about his experience with Swing XP bats here!