Hitters Like You

Submitted story from Coach Kuebler to CEO Chris Shocklee:

I just wanted to to give you some feedback from my camps today. I had 38 kids today in 2 camp sessions at the WISC (where we had the expo). Age range 9-13 years old. During our hitting phase of both camps, my station used the #40 Swing XP. I had each camper hit 3 off the tee with the XP, 3 with their bat, then 3 front toss with the XP and finish with their own bat. You should have seen their eyes light up with empowerment seeing the immediate results with a 40 oz bat! Our focus today in camp was to get to the proper load position and stay inside the ball without letting the hands push away from the body. We had awesome results.  Wish I took video of some of these boys hitting with it for the website. Many of the kids asked if they could swing this bat in a real game.

I then did a private lesson after the camp with an 8 year old. He is very fidgety and will move his feet all over the place when he hits. I used the 40oz Swing XP kind of on a whim thinking it was way too heavy for this little guy. For some reason, (must be the added weight) his feet settled down and he had a more balanced and athletic stance; and he finally hit line drives up the middle!

I'm really impressed Chris. I can't wait to use these the Swing XP with my high school teams once spring baseball starts in 2 weeks! Also looking forward to getting info out there on the social channels and blogging about it.